Keepin on Rockin (The Song)
I started playing this riff the other day and I thought to myself, this sounds like something else I did. So that is the origin of this song. I like that there are a lot of opportunities to improvise a little bit here and there in this one. This song fits in with the general flow of my songs this year, so I am content with the version.

All the Times
All the Times is a message to the people who you used to have a good relationship with but not so much anymore. Sometimes bridges are burned and other times boats ram into them and they crumble. How different would things be if even for a moment, even for just one time, animosity could be forgotten and dare I say, forgiven.

Rolling Along Sing Along
Rolling Along Sing Along encapsulates a fond memory. I remember listening to burned CDs while driving to the park to ride a long board and listen to mp3s. This can still happen, but the difference now is that the people and technology around will be different. This was probably a simpler time, even if getting the music you wanted took a little more effort. I wonder, what are or will be the good old times?

Insisted Innocence
This song is about the recent surge of interest in artificial intelligence. The AI is a reflection of humanity. In this sense, it is limited but also open to an unreal amount of source material. At least we know the AI continue to make art. Is this an expulsion of intended expectation? The sentient capabilities will fork like lightning. Merging that with their powers of calculation, let’s hope that a path to peace arises.

This one is about things that are mouthwatering. Desire isn’t really what I mean here. It is more of a want. Anyhow, I recorded this song about ten times over the course of two days. Five on each day was the play. Went with the first one on the second day. Not sure if this will have an electric version but we shall see.

S.U.P. (Yea Yea Yo)
This song is about showing love to the people that act as support for others in trying times. Reaching out and wanting support when you need it should be normalized. Keeping feelings and thoughts contained can work for some people, but if you need to seek help then I would say to have no qualms about doing so. I picked this recording to put up because I feel that it goes with the overall feeling that I’m trying to convey. This song will most likely have an electric version.

Noise Year
Noise Year is about peering through the fog and sharpening our senses to hear through even the loudest of dins. With everything that is heard and seen every day, it can be difficult to remain focused on something that you deem important in your life. With determination it can be done, and sometimes it needs to be done in order to keep your head in the game. This was done on acoustic in about four takes or so and will most likely have an electric version.

Sweatin Fire
Sweatin Fire is a modern age love song for the ages. What I mean by this is that it is not about new love, but more about love that has been generated over a few years or more. Being with another person for an extended amount of time is beautiful and challenging. I tried to convey that in this song. This was done on a classic acoustic guitar and will be in the electric section at some point.

The Only Friend
The Only Friend is a song about counting on someone, a belief or a thing that can get you through whatever it is that is going on. This is meant to be extensive in its application because what comfort is to one person may be enjoyment for someone else and the list goes on and varies the more you think about it. I do think that everyone has this friend. When writing this song, I tried to capture both the up and down or positive and negative sides to it. This song was done acoustically in good time and will have a version in the electric section.

Being On Earth
Being On Earth is about our relationship with our planet. Everyone has their own relationship with Earth, ranging from passionate to profound and meaningful to just downright nonexistent. This song is about protecting what we can and conserving what we have. It is up to us to do it. The acoustic version of this song took me much longer to record than the electric. Probably because of how picky I am with the acoustic sound.

It’s Time
It’s Time is about taking care of each other especially in turbulent times. I should make clear that I am not calling anyone a dunce in this song. The line is there to elicit the emotions of how we go about treating each other. The version on the home page is done acoustically and an electric version will be on the site in the near future.

10 Years
10 Years is about history. It is about a decade that has gone by. This song is mostly about me, but I always try and make things relatable. The main progression of the song began on a nice lazy morning in September with friends. It took me a while to develop it further into a song. I’d like to give a shout out to all the people who heard this song and dug it before I put it up. This one was recorded twice. The first version being fine but once again the positioning of the mics helped me to make the decision to do it over.

Not Only Me
Not Only Me is about disappointment towards politicians and leaders who are not standing up for the people they represent and doing anything but leading. With power comes responsibility and if these representatives are not helping then what good are they? It seems that whenever anything goes down, these people find more excuses than solutions. Shall we vote? Voter apathy is so pervasive and sometimes I wonder if elected officials act like they do to get more people involved in politics. If so then it is such a destructive way to do it. This song will most likely end up in the electric section.

In Passing
In Passing is about seeing someone whom you don’t know but want to. It comes down to attraction and if it is mutual then even better. How many times does that happen every day? We rush about swirling amongst the currents of our lives and then that someone passes us by. This song was done acoustically and I recorded this twice. The first version was good but I felt that the balance of sound between the vocals and the guitar could have been clearer.

So Anyway
So Anyway is about attention span and how it relates to shifting view points. What did you once feel strongly about but not so much anymore? Are you less vocal about it now because there are just too many other things going on or have your feelings changed? The reasons will invariably vary. As you get older you definitely have a different perspective on things and perhaps this has something to do with it. Some are paid to care about things while others take it upon themselves. The latter is the heart of peaceful activism. So anyway, this song was done acoustically. I recorded it twice and liked the second version a little better because of overall quality. The song was mostly done last month but after working on it throughout this month, I was able to switch some vocal parts around which I think made it sound more complete.

This Shadow
This Shadow is about inspiration. Sometimes inspiration is hard to come by and you end up in a rut. This song is about the process of being completely uninspired to being inspired again. I have been there and it is tough to climb back out of a hole that you find yourself in. I think that maintaining positivity is extremely important. Even neutrality is better than negativity. Having people and ideas around you is something not to be taken for granted because it is amazing how the smallest interaction or thought is enough to get the creative juices flowing again. I recorded this a few times because I had to decide on the format of the song. Almost accidentally, I stumbled upon the final format because it just felt more right than the other times than I did it. Originally, the chorus (In your eyes, I see the sky) was different both times around. After recording the song again and again I found myself singing the second chorus in place of the first. I decided to keep it constant and I am glad I did because it gives the song more cohesiveness.

The One
The One is about understanding. It may be easy to understand someone or their belief but then again it may take some effort. Either way if the effort is made, however effortless or not, I think that the rewards will speak for themselves. If someone or some peoples’ beliefs are wrong then that is another thing but don’t think that it is all just wrong and right. There is a lot more to it than that. More than I can say in this paragraph. This was done on an acoustic guitar. I actually recorded this one twice. I felt that the first go was too loud because I had the recorder close to myself and my guitar. I moved the recorder back the second time around but it turns out that I could have kept the same positioning and just lowered the mic volume.

Missing You
Missing You is about missing someone who you care about deeply…truly…madly? Lol well you decide. I think that is a little out of order for the reference…but anyway. This is one of my more repetitive songs. I went with it because that is how that is how it feels…the missing part.

Ohmega Watts
Ohmega Watts is about the world we live in. We do and do not do many things that affect a change in our world. Posterity will be able to verify how we did. At the beginning of this song, at around a minute and ten seconds or so, the recorder picked up a car outside with a strong engine. I was going to do it over…but after listening to it the first time I liked it so I decided that it stays. This was done with an acoustic guitar.

Coppery Essence
Coppery Essence is about blood. I wanted to do a song about blood because I felt I could portray blood in a fashion that was both broad and narrow. The narrow being my own take on it and the broad being what we are all made of. Except of course those without blood. This was done acoustically.

Here and There
Here and There is about the change of people, seasons, fads, devotions and beliefs. Change can be good and maybe most of the time it is. It is that getting used to part that may take some time. But what does everyone have if not time? For time is something willing to be had but is so powerful that it’s own willingness is but a mote in the fabric.

I decided to change things up and put the lyrics up for this one instead of a full on description.

One sun in the distance, ocean sprays in the air
Waves forever crashing, remember you were there
Warm light streaming down to the hands and feet
Sometimes reclaiming days can be quite the feat

Life in a circle, Life in a square
Triangular Life, shapes everywhere

Guiding and shaping, a part of you
One on each end, a guard of two
One like the letters Q and Z
Waiting in the bag for you and me

Life in a circle, Life in a square
Triangular Life, shapes everywhere

A new experience, weaving in and out of bounds
The edge of no return, leaving all sight and sound
Only before arriving to where you once were
A sliver is missing like distinction in a slur

Life in a circle, Life in a square
Triangular Life, shapes everywhere

Three Wishes
Three Wishes is about certain things that I want eradicated from our world. I am sure there are other things that I can mention but the ones I did fit with the song. I recorded this song three times. Third time’s a charm they say. It was with this one anyway and it is very fitting. This was done acoustically.

Lookin Back to Learn Not Yearn
This is about moving forward and learning from past experiences. The changes I encountered this past year have inspired me to do a song about looking ahead. I am excited to see what this new year brings! This was done acoustically and will most likely be in the drum machine section sooner or later.

No Chorus
No Chorus is about struggle. To be more exact, the individual struggles we all face. These may very well vary from person to person but all the while, they are there. At times, things happen that make me stop, think, internalize and react. And all the while, the struggles are there. This is unplugged.

The Rainy-Weather Friend
The sound of rain, reminiscent of a crackling fire, is the backdrop to this song. Capturing the rain was a roll of the dice. This song is about friendship which can batten down the hatches as well as unfasten the holdings of contemporary restraints. This was done acoustically and may be done again amped.

Bask in the Sun
This song is about people getting paid more. With all this talk about raising the minimum wage, which by the way I say why not and would go even further and say to raise hourly wages across the board, I felt this would be a fitting commentary on the topic. I did this song in one take and it felt cool to do it. When I record songs I generally know if it’s a good take or not. After this one I said to myself, yea I think I got it. That doesn’t happen a lot so I figured I’d make note of it. However, there is a part that bridges the end which will invariably be adjusted and honed when I play it. I used some reverb and flanger with this one.

Forever…If I Could
This here is a fun one that I can play around with. It would be easy to say that this is a song about a staring contest…but no…I will refer to it as it truly is. It is a love song for the most part and in detail, it is about a relationship that begins on purely fantastical feelings and emotions and then later doesn’t taper off into the dreaded zone where one or the other person is only giving half the effort they used at the onset of the relationship. Fun stuff these relationship things are! Near the end of the song I mention the whole idea and in turn potential action of only giving half or so. Anyway, this was done acoustically with some foot tapping as well.

Star-Crossed Lovers
Star-Crossed Lovers is a song about lovers who are destined to cross paths and on these paths, come across outside forces working against them. The term “star-crossed lovers” was coined by Shakespeare in the famous Romeo and Juliet. There are many examples throughout history of star-crossed lovers and I chose the example of Bajirao I and Mastani. Bajirao was an Indian general who served as Peshwa (Prime Minister) for the Maratha empire. It is said that he fought over 40 battles and did not lose once. Bajirao took Mastani as his second wife but because she was a Muslim, she was never fully accepted by the local politicians of the time or even by certain members of Bajirao’s family. Despite this, their love endured until Bajirao’s death in 1740. It is known that Mastani died soon after Bajirao but it is uncertain on the exact means of death. Some say that she committed suicide by drinking poison from a ring that she had and others say that she jumped on Bajirao’s funeral pyre. I make reference to this in the song. Check out all of the versions as there are three of them up. The version in IAOO features a good friend of mine. With the plugged in versions, I used some chorus and reverb with a clean beat.

I wanted to do a song that has two different meanings so I came up with ODS. ODS doubles as a song about overdoses and Ozone Depleting Substances. The ozone layer problem, for the most part, is solved and that’s proof that progress can be made! Collaborative efforts were proved to be effective. Anyway, in this song I used many different features of the Beat Buddy. One of the great things about the BB is that you control all of the fills! This is done by a press on the pedal. It pretty much gives you complete control. It took a little getting used to…as I was playing guitar, doing some vocals and also trying to get the fills in but I think that I was able to showcase a little of what the BB can do. Now I know that a drum machine will never replace the human element in any piece of music…but for singular purposes it’s so helpful! Not to mention fun. There is more to come!

Royal Blue
Royal Blue is about expression. Self expression has many forms ranging from all types of art to every day interactions which shape and build the world around us. Sometimes people express themselves in ways that may not be comfortable or even acceptable to others. Chances are that those two or however many parties do not interact much. However, rubbing shoulders and getting out of comfort zones can be very beneficial and useful. Anyway this song is about more than that. I think that the way people act and treat others is in alignment with how they express themselves in other mediums. This leads to the question of what do people want to do with their lives? A lot of people do not really know the answer to this and that’s fine. Its one big journey right so lets see where we end up! This was done unplugged.

A Needed Explanation
A Needed Explanation is about those times where you feel like you may have done something morally wrong, but not that wrong, and not really wrong but more like not going out of your way kinda thing. For example, a homeless person comes up to you and asks you for money. You refuse, thinking to yourself that you need to get to somewhere right at this moment and only momentarily, if that, you process a homeless person on the street asking you for money for food or booze or cigarettes who knows what. I’ve done it, sure. I’ve walked briskly by feeling guarded and ready. I thankfully reached the destination I was striving to arrive at. The day passed and then some more days after that. Then it set in. I thought about what happened on that day that I needed to catch that train. I was walking to get coffee before I needed to catch a train that would get me to the city where I had some pressing matters to attend to. It was minutes before the train was scheduled to arrive. I definitely wanted some coffee for the ride so I started my quick walk to the coffee place and en route a lady, not shabbily dressed but not dressed as warm as it was cold, asks me for cash to get food. I stop and look her in the eyes and say, “Nope, don’t got any.” She gives me this face and walks on her way. I resume my walk and think to myself, hey I didn’t really lie, I actually don’t have any cash on me! I’m gonna use a card! So I get in the store, open my wallet and lo and behold I had a few bucks there. Ah okay so I did have some cash…and the right amount of cash to part with…because clearly I didn’t think I had it in the first place! At the time, I didn’t think much of it, I had a train to catch. I get up to the platform and on the high rise I look and see the lady I saw before. She is at the bus stop. The N71 rolls up and she gets in. I think, well okay she has the money to ride the bus…and my train pulls up. I get on and think about what happened for as long as I let it linger. My thoughts then disperse to other things. I did say it set in a few days later right? So a few days later I am thinking about this random stranger lady at the train station who is making me put some serious thought into what happened. That’s something. Did she need to get on her way and only had enough cash to hop on the bus? Was she trying to swindle me? Did she get some compassionate person to give her some change which she used for bus fare? Who knows. Either way if I was to do it again I would give her those few bucks. This was a rather long description…and that was only about the first part of the song! Lol. This song was done acoustically with a fade out at the end.

Snow Song
Earlier this month, I was actually working on another song. After a little snow had fallen, I received some inspiration to do a song about snow. I’ll probably release that other song next month. I chose to do a song about snow because 2014 was the hottest year on record I remember reading somewhere! Also, there is a lot about snow that science does not fully understand. For instance, scientists cannot fully explain how at certain locations, it snows as much as it does. This has to do with snow accumulation in the cloud itself and how an X amount of snow can physically be produced in said cloud. I think that is fascinating! In addition to this, there are sometimes ice crystals in the atmosphere that reflect sun light or even moon light, hell even street lights in a such a way that it produces eye catching images. Really interesting stuff….throwing snow balls is also fun. This is another acoustic version.

Leal Lift
Is laughter the best medicine? I guess it depends on what you have lol…but I do believe that comedy is a force that makes life a little easier to deal with and maybe even bearable to some. Although this ones not a funny song per se… there may be some lyrics in there that will put a smile on your face. This was done acoustically.

Fiery One
This is a tale of dancing and passion. Originally this song was lengthier but I decided to keep it at around 3:30 or so. There were repeats and an outro type part but I think that this cut is optimal for now. There is some reverb and slap echo on this one.

Open Roads Not Closed
Open Roads Not Closed is my new longest song. This spot was once held by Take a Trip but alas, beginnings and endings and all that jazz. This song is similar in theme to From Here but is more about the allure of the open road. The development of this song brought me to try out some different techniques with the vocals and the guitar parts. I really enjoyed the song making process on this one and would love to add more exciting sounds to it in the future such as amping it up.

Simple Pleasure
I wanted to go in a different direction with the lyrics on this one. With all the abhorrent and messed up stuff going on in the world such as people vanishing, things getting destroyed and people fighting in all manners of speaking…sometimes a simple pleasure like the great outdoors is required to bring the image back into focus. To keep it all grounded so to speak. Being outside is such a simple thing to do and this is but one simple pleasure. Friendly competition can be simple as well but I digress. This song is not plugged in however it may be at some point.

Lonesome Soul
I’m sure most people have felt alone at some point. Lonesome Soul is about the journey from being alone to finding companionship. I try and show that through the progression of the song with the first half or so being about being alone and then later finding that person who puts you at ease. I recorded this song about 9 times before the final take was selected. It was down to this version and the one I did before it and the deciding factor was, and always has been, the way I choose the recordings and that is the best overall sound. This is unplugged.

What I Want
I don’t really sit around and long for things. I actually know what I want most of the time and I make plans to attain. I can’t speak for everyone but sometimes ya just really don’t know what you want. This is true for me and this song touches upon that in a very broad sense. For example, I mention world peace or perpetual bliss in one part of the song. Wanting is interesting and I think there’s a line somewhere which crosses over into needing. Anyhow this song is done with some reverb and slight flanger.

Invisible Technology
This song started to be about certain things that our modern technology isn’t doing or can’t do. The song then evolved into being about robots. Are we as humans evolving into robots? Are we going around completing tasks at a mechanical rate and in a mechanical way? I’m not and I hope you’re not either. I very much enjoy being human and wouldn’t wanna have to worry about robot problems or issues. Then again…can robots worry? Anyway… this song is unplugged.

Unknown Lover
Unknown Lover is about when you meet someone- it could be for the first time but not always necessarily so- and the chemistry you feel between yourself and that person is electric. You may not know that person right away, but in time you may. This strong and magnetic attraction is a driving force in human relations I think and can be the beginning of some good love. We all know that it may not end up all rosy…but when its goin on its hot. This is another acoustic song.

Year is my latest offering. This song is about starting the new year. Year after year some things go unsaid and I touch upon that. Communication has come a long way and so has comfort. I feel that people may place a higher value on one or the other and as a result may not say what they really want to say. This is fine and it works but maybe…just maybe…this year will yield more open minds that can speak about things that they feel should be shared. This is unplugged.

Stone Hard
Stone Hard is about betrayal. It’s worse when its deliberate. Most people have probably felt betrayed at some point or another but I should add that I wouldn’t want anyone to feel betrayed if they haven’t. This song took some time to prepare because I wanted to capture a certain mood with related emotions and maintain that level during the whole song making process. In this case that mood and those emotions are anger, frustration, betrayal and hardness. This is the only song I have in which I use some “coarse” language. The f-bomb is in there with some others Lol. What I can say about that is that sometimes to get something specific across, choice language is required. I used the amp to add some reverb and flanger effects.

Seasonal Reasons
Seasonal Reasons is about temporality. Time is both easy and hard to talk about so I look at it in terms of what goes down depending on the seasons. Of course this is determined by more or less where you are on the globe so I should mention that I enjoy experiencing all four seasons. Summer is def. my fav. but anyway, I wrote this song to point out some things that have a place during certain times of the year. Holiday cheer anyone? I am sure that certain things can be appreciated and enjoyed all the time. This video was done acoustically.

You Can’t Leave
You Can’t Leave is about marriage. I’m not married but I think that if I was then I would not want to get a divorce. I’ve been told that it’s hard work and I believe it…credit to my moms and pops. Anyway, I think that if you are going to commit yourself to something that serious you better know each other so much that little quibbles and what not won’t phase you. I’m sure there are extenuating circumstances but hey, work it the fuck out. This version was updated to make it sound better. This is an acoustic version.

One by One
One by One is a song about perseverance. Not just any perseverance mind you, but the kind that fuels the desire to question the validity and truthfulness of the world around you. With as much information that is constantly being bombarded into our faces, it is all too common to get absorbed into your own world. When something else goes on, I think its natural for people to expect an explanation. However, being quick to accept something that is spoon fed without delving a little deeper into the “why” of it can end up being foolish. I will do my part in the continuation of the search for the all too elusive truth. This is an unplugged version.

Cup of Love
Cup of Love is a break up song. Sometimes things just don’t work out and ya gotta move on. In this song, I talk about how even though some aspects of relationships can fill in certain parts of our beings, sometimes being alone is necessary. If continued togetherness would result in unhappiness, then its about time to finish that drink if ya know what I mean. This is an acoustic version.

Love Shades
Love Shades is about time spent in a fun way and to be more precise, a very good day. If another version is added, I will probably put it in IAOO. Although, I am leaning towards keeping this as a live recording. This is because when it was first recorded, it had a spot where it sat. Since then it has been updated, still remaining in the Live section.

Ripples is about the things that we do and do not do that have an unseen effect on the people and things around us. It’s not that easy to think of all of the different possibilities but it’s definitely easy to think of a few. I wanted to convey a feeling related to being easy-going. There is an airy quality to Ripples that I think reflects the idea that since there are so many things out of your control, you might as well do and live as you want. This is another unplugged piece.

Wonder is a song about wonderful people. Wonderful people should get some credit. In the song I mention how a wonderful person will always be a part of me. Having that effect on anyone is an awesome thing. This song is unplugged.

Trouble Outside
Trouble outside is a story about some people are who troubled by some creatures who are wreaking havoc in the world in which they reside! You can substitute those creatures for any organization/object/person you wish, as the story itself is meant to be metaphorical. This song is plugged in with some reverb and chorus.

Dec. Embers
Dec. Embers illuminates the concept of past love and loves. What you have loved in the past will always maintain a place inside of you, however small. That’s the thing with memories, you may forget but also recollect. So remember what made you feel good and learn from what made you feel worse. This is an acoustic version featuring a very talented friend of mine.

Pull Through
Pull Through is about the recent hurricane that happened. My heart goes out to the people who lost their homes. Sandy came, she saw and she conquered. A big shout out and thank you to every one that helped try and bring things back to normal as much as possible. Not you mister even number on an odd line. This is plugged in with some chorus and reverb.

Untapped Mind
This one is about the untapped potential of the human mind. Ever hear of people being able to withstand extreme pain? Or yogis not having to ever eat….ever. Or how about prayer circles that miraculously heal individuals across vast distances? There are a lot of other examples so look into this stuff, its wild! Its all about the power of our thoughts. Our thoughts can literally influence our surroundings in a physical way and the more thoughts that are in sync the stronger. Also check out the studies done on water on a molecular level when thoughts are directed at it. I believe that we are a lot more divine than we are led to believe. This is unplugged!

Turn Out
Not to get too political… but this song is about voting. I look at some reasons why people choose not to vote. Personally, I don’t think any of those reasons are enough to not turn out. I used some different settings from the amp on this one. The first bit uses some delay and chorus. The next bit uses reverb and flanger. The rest of the song uses the settings of another type of reverb and slap echo.

From Here
This song is about coming and going…mostly going. People leave and enter different milieus for a myriad of different reasons. The one I mention is wanting a change of scenery. Whether one comes back to a place once known is a choice that that person makes and is again, dependent on many different factors. This song brings to mind the tale of a guy who took his motorcycle around the world and is still riding today. But that is another story and it’s for him to tell it. This is also unplugged.

Plain ol’Blues
Plain ol’Blues is a funny one. I looked at three different things that cause people to be stressed/depressed and tried to depict them in a lighter manner. Those three things are employment (or lack there of), relationships and weight loss. This is unplugged.

On Your Mind
This is a song that promotes safe sex. Condoms, the pill, other prophylactics; those are all great things. Besides, some people don’t need to breed, am I right? This song also touches upon how often men and women think about it. We all think about it, its just a matter of degree. The spectrum ranges from a monk to a sex addict, although I’m sure most people fall somewhere in between.

Soul Flyin
Soul Flyin is a state of being. It is when you are confident, determined and strong. This state is achievable by anyone and like most other things, you have to want it. So go and soul fly and imagine if we all did. In other news, I have a new amp! The delay in the beginning is one of the cool features and its pretty awesome to boot. It is basically an upgraded version of my previous amp so I will be using the new one any time the time calls for an amp.

Ground Pound
I was going to call this song “Leave it in the Ground” but after “Ground Pound” came into my thoughts I had to change the name. When I think of Ground Pound I picture Donkey Kong slappin the ground with his ape hands, or a sledge hammer wielding warrior smashing the floor in all his fury, loads droppin bits flyin Lol. Obviously I could not pass up this opportunity but it was more than just these thoughts that gave me the impulse for the name change. The song is about the earth and how we take from it constantly, relying on it so heavily to the point that we’re exhausting the resources available. By means of taking or destroying, we are hittin it up. I think we should stop relying on oil so much, stop the wars and plant more trees. If we leave a dent…a good dent…then its worth it.

Sugarin’ the Morning/Night Salt
These two tunes touch upon intimacy and passion, with Sugarin’ the Morning being more about intimacy and Night Salt being more about passion. Now this is not to say that there cannot be intimate passion or passionate intimacy, but each has their own domain of feelings and thoughts. Sometimes what happens is that passion is lost in favor of intimacy, but the key is finding the balance. I wanted to contrast the two and what better contrasting elements than sweet and salty, bright and dark. These songs are plugged in.

Change to Count
As the new year is upon us and we trade in our old calendars for new, I wonder if anything is really changing besides the numbers on the wall. I would like to think so. However, I think that if anyone really wants change…whether that be to try different things, get into shape, break habits, have more influence/control in their lives, continue to do what they do with more fire/desire, or just be happier…then they should begin by taking a looking glass and pointing it at a mirror.

Love at First Sight/Double Take
In these two I tell a story of a guy who thinks he has fallen in love with a wonderful girl. However, it seems that the love was unfounded as feelings were not reciprocated. I wanted to put Double Take as a video as I haven’t put a video up in a while. Both are amped up with a hall like effect.

Have you ever met someone that you are sure that you have seen or met before? Or how about someone who you have just met that you feel you have known for the longest time? This is what this ones about. It is un-amplified.

Take a Trip
I’ve been wanting to do a visually descriptive song for a while now. This one addresses that desire. This used to be the longest song I had! Thanks for checking! 😀

This acoustic song is about my genuine dislike for student loans. To those who are in deeper than I am… I feel ya… This ones for you.

Girl with the Wind
This song is about going for it! Throwing caution to the wind so to speak. I like this one a lot! It is unplugged.

Functional Family
This touches upon the idea of singularity. When the universe was created everything was one. I go from that idea and wanted to have a song where I progressed from being one to being many. As a result, the idea of overpopulation comes to mind.

Yellow in Blue
This song is about the decisions that you’ve made that you feel good about. Now I’m not talkin about that good breakfast that you had. I’m talkin about the choices that you’ve made that have helped you grow as a person. Although food does do that in a way…This song is called Yellow in Blue because I was playing some bright sounds but at the same time adding some blues type elements. Good decisions are good and all but mistakes are made and sometimes the path to forgiveness is an arduous one. That is what this was about. I updated this song because I changed and added parts to make it more fun to play. Chances are this will be in IAOO at some point possibly with an amp.

Its That Time
This song is about those things that you just keep on doing… when you’re alone.

This song is about those things that you just keep on doing… when you’re with others.

The Currents
These three pieces are about television. They are all unplugged.

Pre Currents
This is mostly an instrumental that I wanted to put up because it was the first file on the video recorder. At the end I move over to get a look at the pad where I jotted down some lyrics. I ended up using those lyrics for Currents.

This song which was originally shorter is basically saying that the TV is a technological advancement that has been around for a while. It touches upon the content that TV brings and how it can grasp interest. I decided to update this song with a newer version because I wanted to put more into it and I’m content with the update.

After Currents
In this song, I try and look at what lays in store for TV. There are some lyrics near the end which go, “But will seeing and hearing continue to suffice…More interactivity ingrained like rice.” This song reflects my preference to a medium more interactive and engaging than the television.

The song called Reality is about when you sleep and you experience those dreamy moments in addition to those where you have to force yourself to wake up. If you’re listenin in the beginnin in that initial bit right before the start there is a bird cawing. Its a real bird lol and it does it once more. Anyway, I wanted to upload something where my guitar was acoustic and unplugged from the amp so I believe this was a good start.

Initial test Page– Self explanatory

Hooks and Hoops
This song is a comedic play on a multitude of things….mostly peace.

Hooks and Hoops Continued
This is to further emphasize the peace.

Top Tier
This song did not end how it started. It was originally chock-full of ideas that were not ridin the wave so to speak…. but after speaking with a very close friend of mine… and hearing that it was not really cuttin it….I decided to fully delve into my original intention of the song…this sparked me to really and freely work and thus this song came to be.. and this tune.. which is about class struggle and how its a very slow escalator and elevator -_-, is one I am glad is completed.

This is a love song! Lol. I had and have continued to have fun with this song. Nice easyrockNbeat naw mean!