Instances and Other Occurrences

Hello peoples! I wanted to put this page up because sometimes I record different versions of songs that I want to share as well as the song that is currently up. Also, this section allows me to place some files in here that are different than the ones on the home page. In addition to this, I can also put up songs that feature guest artists. Enjoy!

Sweatin Fire

This version was recorded before the one that is up in the electric section. The volume balance was off so I didn’t use it, but it’s cool to be able to put it up because I do like this take.

10 Years

Star-Crossed Lovers

Cup of Love

I redid this song because I felt I could have played it a little smoother. I think this acoustic version accomplishes this. Albeit, only a tad better than the other one. Each one has its own flavor.


This version is amplified with two effects. The chorus and delay play a deepening role to enhance the fullness of the sound.

Dec. Embers

Yellow in Blue

I decided to put this one up because I wanted an amped up version. There is a little change in music near the end of the song compared to the one on the home page. Again, this was to make it more fun and interesting to play.

After Currents

This video was done before the version that is on the videos page. I decided to redo this one because after I finished recording it, I looked at the recorder and realized that I should have been standing a little further back. This one does showcase the relative pick up of the mics on the recorder though so I figured this would go up.


This is pretty much take two of Reality. I tightened some screws and while there is no intro bird… there are some cicadas in the background at about 1:50 Lol. This song is also unplugged.

These sound bits below were once on their own page! I felt it was time that Initial Test Page was put to rest but they have found a home here in IAOO.