Written Works

This page is about written works that can be put up! If you want a piece up send me an email for review!

The Petal Falls by Ashu Tambar posted 11/30/16
The petal falls…
Lightly on the pond…
What was found is gone…
a new seasoning to our liking
biting like arctic cold.
We have been told…Never
is enough for our souls.

The Drink by Ashu Tambar posted 6/30/16
Liquids flow
Bring it up
Have a cup
A glass is more certain
Raising and lowering curtains
It’s all there
Some light
Like a glare
Blinding you to what you want to see
You see what you want…optical calligraphy
Yes I know…it’s automatic
Staying with you…door knobs and static
Have a drink I say