This page allows me to put up songs that I do live on stage. I will update this periodically whenever I get recordings that I want up. Have a good one!

S.U.P. (Yea Yea Yo)-6/14/23 @ Neir’s Tavern
This one felt good even though the middle transition was a little off. After not being on stage for so long I thought I would be nervous, but it was fine. Everything came rushing back and while I was up there, I wasn’t thinking about the next part to play in the song or what the next lyric was. I was just feeling the music.

Being on Earth-6/14/23 @ Neir’s Tavern
This one felt alright for ya for ya. I have an extended ending which I may do at another time. I actually wrote this song in 2021 and not in 2022.

No Chorus-1/28/16 @ Greenhouse Café
Yea nailed it.

One by One-1/28/16 @ Greenhouse Café
This one felt good…The intro was a little varied from the norm but it turned out well.

Lonesome Soul-1/20/16 @ Paddy Reilly’s Music Bar
This one came out alright…It was a little bumpy on the chords during the second verse but I was able to smooth it out.

Change to Count-9/30/15 @ Brew Haus
This one felt a little better than the live one I did before. I guess that’s natural with time and all.

Bask in the Sun-9/30/15 @ Brew Haus
I wanted to do this one live as soon as I completed it!

Forever…If I Could-9/30/15 @ Brew Haus
I closed with this one and it went alright.

Wonder and Outro-2/22/15 @ Kava Shteeble
I did one song before this one but I did not have the record button on…so yea missed that one but luckily I remembered later. Its okay because that update will find its place on the site soon enough. Anyway, this version of Wonder came out alright. I redid it because I wanted to keep a faster tempo than the previous live version which is up. The outro is some music that I may develop further. The lyrics are actually “When the flowers fade, The trees never waste, There will be the shade, There is where I’ll wait for you.”

Invisible Technology-2/22/15 @ Kava Shteeble
It felt good to do this song live.

Reality-2/22/15 @ Kava Shteeble
I brought this one back for an extended cut.

Soul Flyin-2/22/15 @ Kava Shteeble
I didn’t put any delay on in the beginning this time around. I wanted to let it loose, shake it up and wake it from some slumber so there it is Lol.

5sand4s-2/22/15 @ Kava Shteeble
Looking at the full length of the song makes me feel good because it feels longer when I am playing it for sure.

Leal Lift-12/30/14 @ One Main
Thank you again to Johnny who let me use his guitar after mine didn’t work…That one has to go out for repair!

Fiery One-12/30/14 @ One Main
I’m glad with how the vocals turned out on this one!

Open Roads Not Closed-12/30/14 @ One Main
It indeed felt good to do this one this way.

What I Want-8/12/14 @ Supercollider
Started with this one and had fun with it.

Love Shades-8/12/14 @ Supercollider
I’m going to call this Love Shades v 2.0. I remember being up there and playing one thing when maybe, technically, I should have been playing something else and deciding to just go with it. I also decided to leave the other version up for a comparison kinda thing.

Lonesome Soul-8/12/14 @ Supercollider
This one turned out pretty well.

Intro & 5sand4s-4/26/14 @ The Hub with Justin Vegh as The One Night Band
Ground Pound-4/26/14 @ The Hub with Justin Vegh as The One Night Band
Seasonal Reasons-4/26/14 @ The Hub with Justin Vegh as The One Night Band
Plain ol’ Blues-4/26/14 @ The Hub with Justin Vegh as The One Night Band
You Can’t Leave-4/26/14 @ The Hub with Justin Vegh as The One Night Band
Outro & One by One-4/26/14 @ The Hub with Justin Vegh as The One Night Band
The songs above were played at a battle of the bands with the assistance of my friend Justin Vegh. We prepared a couple of instrumentals to supplement the show. It was a fun night with some great tunes…have a listen.

Seasonal Reasons-11/25/13 @ Bartini Bar
Started with this because I wanted to get it out there.

Love Shades-11/25/13 @ Bartini Bar
So I did this song over. Maybe this will stay as a live only track.

One by One-11/25/13 @ Bartini Bar
There’s an intro added to this one.

Ground Pound-5/30/13 @ Mr. Beerys
I added an intro to get things going on this one. Overall, I feel it is better than the previous live version.

Wonder-5/30/13 @ Mr. Beerys
I wanted to amplify this song in some way so I figured doing it live would be cool lol.

Plain ol’Blues-12/12/12 @ Sam Ash
This one came out alright… although the end was a little shaky and I almost slipped up! Lol but it came through.

IOU-12/12/12 @ Sam Ash
I have been meaning to put up another version of this song for a while now. Feels good to put it up finally.

From Here-12/12/12 @ Sam Ash
I have gotten mixed reviews with this song Lol… I decided to give it another go because I added a part near the middle. This version came out ok.

Change to Count-6/27/12 @ The Spoon
This version came out a little better than the previous live CTC that was up, especially the intro.

Girl with the Wind-6/27/12 @ The Spoon
Had some errors on this one… but hey…it came out alright.

Functional Family-4/23/12 @ The Village Lanterne
I felt good with this one. I wanted to do this live because I changed some things in this version compared to the one on the homepage.

5sand4s-4/23/12 @ The Village Lanterne
This is a good closer so I figured I’d end with this.